Legally protecting your assets is the only way to ensure your hard-earned assets are protected from any creditor claims, if implemented before there are job listings near me known creditors.  Whether or not you anticipate having creditors, it работа мск is important to plan ahead to protect you and your assets.

David Bindrup Law Firm specializes in asset protection, with the unique approach of a CPA and LL.M. in Taxation, to better assist its clients in considering tax implications associated with asset protection.

Most people are familiar with the concept of asset protection, but remain unsure of how it can benefit them.  Asset Protection

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is any device that can protect your assets from creditors or becoming part of a judgment.  Judgments can arise from divorce, bankruptcy, personal injury or a civil lawsuit.  Asset protection strategy ranges from forming a corporation or limited liability company to a prenuptial or post-nuptial agreement, family limited partnership or an irrevocable trust.  There are several kinds of irrevocable trusts, including a Nevada Asset Protected Trust or even an Offshore Trust.

David Bindrup Law Firm works with its clients to customize an Asset Protection plan tailored to the client’s needs, goals and objectives.  Asset Protection plans usually include a variety of the strategies listed above.

If you are interested in Asset Protection, David Bindrup Law Firm offers asset protection

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consultations with David L. Bindrup, Esq., CPA, LL.M. in our Henderson and Summerlin offices.  In your consultation, David will review your assets with you to determine the extent to which each asset is exposed to liability.  Liability exposure is an important facet of Asset Protection— by determining what type of asset you have, how you use that asset, as well as considering your profession and personal lifestyle, we can better ascertain your liability.  Often times, people fail to recognize their liability exposure and its ability to harm their assets and livelihood.

Sitting down with David L. Bindrup, Esq., CPA, LL.M. for an asset protection consultation to discuss this important tool can give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your assets you’ve worked so hard to earned are protected from potential creditors and judgments.  Please contact us to set up your asset protection consultation today.