Estate Planning

How Can an Estate Plan Help Me?

Regardless of your age, or the size and complexity of your estate, an estate plan is important for everyone. An estate plan allows you to decide who receives your property and possessions after your death.  It will also aid in transferring your property and possessions to those you have designated as quickly and easily as possible.

Estate plans can minimize or even extinguish the taxes required to be paid after your death and before your assets can be transferred to your loved ones.



Is Probate Necessary?
In some cases, probate may not be necessary.  A brief consultation with the David Bindrup Law Firm can help you determine whether probate is necessary.  The David Bindrup Law Firm can then help with the preparation of the documents that are necessary for estate administration.  If you have been designated as a personal representative, there are many fiduciary duties to take care of regarding the estate administration.  By relying on the experience and education of the David Bindrup Law Firm, you can be sure that that as the Personal Representative or Executor you are complying with all of those duties.


If you are interested in Asset Protection, the David Bindrup Law Firm offers free one hour consultations with a CPA Attorney LL.M.  In your consultation, the CPA Attorney LL.M. will review your assets with you to determine the extent to which each asset is exposed to liability.  Liability exposure is an important facet of Asset Protection- by determining what type of asset you have, how you use that asset, as well as considering your profession and personal lifestyle, the CPA Attorney LL.M. can better ascertain your liability.  So few people recognize their liability exposure and its ability to harm their assets and livelihood.